Purchases and Payments

Purchases and Payments

All goods and services may be purchased with the following currencies, which can be freely exchanged: Euro; Australian Dollar; US Dollar; Hong Kong Dollar; New Zealand Dollar; Singapore Dollar; Canadian Dollar; Japanese Yen; Danish Krone; Norwegian Krone; Swedish Krona; Pound Sterling; Swiss Franc; South African Rand. Nevertheless, storeowners and service providers are not required to accept foreign currency and are permitted to give change in shekels even if payment was made in foreign currency.

The following are all the conditions which must be fulfilled in order to receive the V.A.T. refund upon departing from Israel. Please make sure that all the following conditions are fulfilled.

  • Non-Israeli citizens are entitled to receive a V.A.T. refund if they do not hold an Israeli passport and if they are visiting Israel as a tourist as per the visa stamped in their foreign passport. If it is preferred not to have your passport stamped on your entry to Israel, please keep the form handed to you when entering Israel for inspection at the V.A.T. refund counter.
  • The goods must have been purchased in a store included in the V.A.T. refund program and the purchase amount in one tax invoice including V.A.T. must exceed NIS 400.
  • The goods were purchased for personal use only and in a quantity which is not commercial.
  • The goods are for export from the State of Israel.
  • The goods are not food, drink or tobacco products.
  • In order to obtain the V.A.T. refund, the goods should be packed in a closed bag together with the special invoice for the purpose of V.A.T. refund and presented to the official at the ‘MILGAM’ counter.

Major credit cards – American Express, Diners, Visa, Mastercard/Access/Eurocard – are widely accepted in Israeli restaurants, stores, hotels, museums, etc.